secretary sec‧re‧ta‧ry [ˈsekrtri ǁ -teri] noun secretaries PLURALFORM [countable] JOBS
1. someone who works in an office helping to organize the work, answering the telephone, arranging meetings etc:

• His personal secretary (= one working for only him ) handles all his appointments.

2. someone who works for a large organization and who is responsible for running its daily affairs:

• the general secretary of the European Confederation of trade unions

ˌcompany ˈsecretary also ˌchartered ˈsecretary , ˌcorporate ˈsecretary JOBS
someone with a high position in a company, dealing with legal and administrative matters:

• The company secretary has requested a full audit of the budget approval procedures.

exˌecutive ˈsecretary JOBS
someone who has the job of secretary to an executive in an organization or company:

• She's executive secretary to New York University's president.

ˈpress ˌsecretary JOBS
the person in an organization whose job is to deal with questions from people working for the newspapers, radio, or television; = PRESS OFFICER
3. a government official in charge of a particular department or area of work:

• the Trade Secretary

• He has been appointed Secretary of State for Health.

* * *

secretary UK US /ˈsekrətəri/ noun [C] (secretaries)
WORKPLACE someone who works in an office, writing letters, making telephone calls, organizing meetings, etc. for other people: »

She works at the International Convention Centre as a secretary.


When I called, her secretary said she was in a meeting.

used in the names of some officials with particular responsibilities in some organizations: »

The secretary takes the minutes of the meeting.

(also Secretary) GOVERNMENT in the UK, a Member of Parliament or Member of the House of Lords who is in charge of a government department: »

Energy/Home/Foreign Secretary

secretary of sth »

He is a member of the Efficiency Commission and a former secretary of commerce.


the Secretary of State for Health

(also Secretary, ABBREVIATION Secy.) GOVERNMENT in the US, the head of a government department appointed by the President: »

Secretary of Defense


Defense/Commerce/Treasury Secretary

See also COMPANY SECRETARY(Cf. ↑company secretary), CORPORATE SECRETARY(Cf. ↑corporate secretary), EXECUTIVE SECRETARY(Cf. ↑executive secretary), GENERAL SECRETARY(Cf. ↑general secretary), PRESS SECRETARY(Cf. ↑press secretary)

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